• Tony D.  November, Providence RI 2016  “I couldn’t get my trailer hitch to latch, all I did was swipe Bee’s Knees Super Wax on all of the parts and boom it hooked up instantly!”


  • Melissa G.  October, 2016 ” The zippers on my boots kept getting stuck, I purchased Bee’s Knees and I couldn’t believe how well it worked!”


  • Juliette P  September 2016 ” There was one window in my home that was sticking all the time I used my BKZW  on the sills and it slides up and down now… I won’t hurt my back anymore!


  • Anna D September Newington CT 2016 ” I hadn’t opened one window in my house in 15 years, I pried it open and hit the sides with this stuff, I was completely amazed…I can now open that window with 2 fingers!