BKZW is the BEST Zipper & Snap lubricant & conditioner for

Clothes, Luggage, Backpacks, Boots, Boats, Jeeps, Campers, Wet & Dry Suits…ANYTHING

BUT WAITBKZW Does  So much more!

BKZW is truly Multi-purpose

Lubricate Drawers, Doors, Screens, Windows, Hatch Tracks, Barn Stall Latches  Screws, pipe fittings, all kinds of Tools. BKZW prevents rust, & keeps your Saw Blades cutting smooth! 


BKZW treats thread, rawhide, twine, rope, line & yarn to make it stronger and water resistant!

BKZW is a great Ski & Surf Wax!

 BKZW even keeps Shoe Laces Tied !

(Mom’s, Dads, & Coaches You’re gonna’  LOVE that!) 

 100% Natural,  Chemical Free  

 The Uses are ENDLESS!