It doesn’t matter what door or hatch slider or window track that is stuck, sluggish, or just doesn’t slide… Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax… will make them glide! It works on windows, storms, and screens too! Use Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax on vinyl, steel, wood, composite, brick, tile, brass cooper… any surface, any time… and BKZW is 100% natural, Chemical Free, and Safe for our Environment!

You can use BKZW  on stuck  folding doors, pocket doors, barn doors, stall doors, shower doors, storm doors, door latches, and toggles… And Remember BKZW prevents rusting and keeps metals looking great! Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax  is perfect for Antique Wooden Furniture

BKZW makes easy time of difficult projects!
Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax  Get’s Stuff Un-Stuck!
Buy 3 Get 1 Free* and pay NO Additional S & H

*Basic BKZW applies 🙂