You have just purchased a new “older home!” What are some of the tools you are going to need for your tool box. Everyone should have a well stocked tool box. Here is a list of products you will need.

  1. Measuring Tape
  2. Phillips Screw Driver: small medium and large
  3. Flat head Screw Driver: small, medium, and large
  4. Hand Saw
  5. Hammer
  6. Electrical Tape
  7. Nails and screws
  8. Dremel Style  tool
  9. Carpenters Pencils
  10. Wrench set
  11. Allen wrench set
  12. vise grip wrench
  13. ratchet set
  14. scissors and exacto knife set
  15. Bee’s Knee Zipper Wax

Out of each of these supplies, we believe that the most versatile product is Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax. Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is not only a GREAT zipper and snap lubricant… it is so much more! BKZW is a lubricant that is 100% natural, non-toxic, chemical free, no additives, and safe for every surface, the  environment, you, your kids and pets!

  1. BKZW is a great zipper and snap lubricant
  2. Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the best wooden drawer frame lubricant
  3. Use BKZW on all wooden and vinyl windows and door sashes and fr ames
  4. Prevent rusting on garden tools, and most metal surfaces
  5. Lubricate all of your saw blades with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax
  6. You can use BKZW to polish copper and brass
  7. Condition and treat wood accents
  8. Lubricant mostly anything that squeeks or sticks
  9. Lubricate curtain rods and closet clothes bars with BKZW, and your durtains and clothes will glide…
  10. Fill gaps and holes in banister rails , nail and screw holes and wall boards..
  11. The list goes on and on…

Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax belongs in every home, new or older!

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