You have rented a Summer cottage, maybe for a week or a month or the whole summer. It is near the ocean or lake and it is always warm with moist breezes in the air! Humidity will make wooden windows stick… Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the100% natural, non-toxic, chemical free, solution!

Stuck wooden windows can be a real drag! You break a nail, hurt your fingers… or the darn window just won’t open!

Well you won’t have that problem if you use BKZW on all of the wooden window sashes… Apply BKZW to the sash and the window frame, then open and close the window a few times… you will love the results.

If the wooden window is stuck closed, right above the window on either sides of the sash, work BKZW into either side and push a bit down with  a putty knife or screw driver… then wiggle the window up a bit and down a bit  repeat as necessary!

You will never have to worry about stuck wooden windows again!

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