Good Morning To All

Well I have to say that this Anniversary Storm has got me a bit rattled! I remember last year have “no power” for 7 days… and still working away… Thank Goodness for gas stoves!  What we want to make sure that you all know is “What should I have on hand, in case of an emergency?” Here are 2 senario’s and our suggestions!

Storm hits no power; remain at home:


  1. 3-4 Flashlights and 2 back up batteries for each
  2. Keeping a flashlight with each person in your home is key, plus have them strategically placed. Bathrooms, kitchen, bedrooms.
  3. 1 gallon of water per person per day… minimum! If you believe that you might loose water (wells) or public.. fill up as many bathtubs as you have with water to flush toilets, and wash. DO NOT forget your pets… they will require food and water also!
  4. Canned food like Chef Boyardee… (I know.. but as a kid I LOVED Beefaroni!
  5. If you have a gas stove, use as much of the food in the fridge as you can!
  6. Gum, lollipops, Jolly Ranchers… hard candies activate the salivary glands you will be less thirsty.
  7. Dry goods like crackers, granola bars, etc… the heartier the better, Nothing salty!!!
  8. Have a RADIO!!! Last year that was the only way we got news about our area as all of the Cable/ Internet was out at home. Make sure you Cell phone and Laptop are fully charged!
  9. Fill up all your vehicles with fuel.
  10. If you have a fireplace…. make sure you have dry wood and kindling
  11. Have plenty of matches
  12. have plenty of candles and use sconces or as they are called hurricane candle holders.. NO OPEN FLAMES!!!
  13. Before the storm… DO ALL OF YOUR LAUNDRY
  14. Create light stations… Groupings of candles that are placed in frequently used rooms… bathrooms, dinning room tables, coffee tables, the kitchen…etc… This group can contain 5-6 candles… depending on the size of the room.
  15. Put out candles when ever you leave a room for an extended period
  16. Do Not place candles near curtains, clothes, on the floor, near plants, or any dried arrangements.. be careful with flame
  17. If you do not have a gas stove, but have a gas grill outside… get your propane filled and get an extra!
  18. If you own a fire arm… make sure you have ammunition.
  19. Clear your deck of  plants, umbrellas,etc… anything that could become air-born or cause damage.
  20. GAMES… cards, and board games…
  21. Keep Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax on hand McGuyver would have!

Well…there you have it… Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and The Storm Preparation!

If you have to evacuate!

Prepare and Have ready:

  1. Overnight Bag with  medications, grooming essentials change of clothes.
  2. Cash
  3. Passport
  4. Pets and food for them.
  5. Snack Bars and water
  6. Cell phone, lap top and all chargers
  7. jewelry and mementos take ONLY the most important
  8. Fire arm with ammo; rifles are non-permit weapons, side arms you must have a license to carry! Check your state and local ordinances.
  9. Gum, lollipops, Jolly Ranchers… they activate the salivary glands you will be less thirsty.
  10. Bring Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax with you… McGuyver would have!
  11. I would bring my favorite spirit!

Bee-ing safe is so important! So make sure that you are prepared in case of an emergency! Don’t wait!

Remember the Aesop’s Fable of the Grasshopper and the Ants??? Don’t bee the grasshopper!

Good Luck and we hope this helped!

Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax

Team Bee