Getting ready for winter doesn’t just mean winterizing your car, or changing to snow tires. You need to prep all of your coats and jackets, making sure that the buttons are on and the zippers and snaps are working great. You also need to switch out the screens in your windows and doors and put in the storm windows. There really is so much that we should be getting done right now.  100% natural Bee’s Knees zipper Wax takes the place of 3-5 chemical products that lubricate, and prevent rusting. Bee’s Knees zipper Wax makes sewing repairs and conditioning fabrics, leather and wood so easy!  Heck you can use BKZW as an accent wood conditioner in your home, camper, or on your boat… It is truely amazing

Don’t forget to re-enforce those buttons on your fall and winter coats… if you didn’t use BKZW on the thread last year chances are the your thread is dry, and getting weak… then whooops you’ll loose a button… Go to our web site and our blog on “How to sew on a Button” so you’ll never have to say… “Button button, who lost a button” Remember to also use Bee’s knees Zipper Wax as your zipper lubricant, and snap lubricant! Not all zipper lubes, and zipper waxes are alike! What we need is a 100% natural, all purpose zipper lube like Bee’s Knees zipper Wax!
It works on ski jackets, coats, leather jackets ,motorcycle chaps and jackets, horse saddles, and tack, riding boots and chaps, hiking boots, and luggage. BKZW is a great ski wax, snowboard wax, and sled runner wax.  Windows, doors, and keys in locks won’t get stuck anymore. It get’s stuff un-stuck and so much more.. the uses for BKZW are endless!