Bee’s Knees zipper Wax is the best “new Product” for all crafters!

Victoria Gustafson of Block Island Stitch Art says, ” Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax is the best tool ever!”

Here is what you can do with Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax:

  • Prevent frayed edges on fabric and thread
  • wax thread
  • seal seams when sewing
  • sew through suede, and leather
  • create a water tight seam
  • repair hems with waterproof thread
  • Waxed yarn
  • Waxed embroidery thread
  • Waxed silk thread
  • Sew on a button for good
  • Prevent threads, and yarns from fraying

Why use Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax and why should you have it in your craft or sewing box? Because it is 100% natural, chemical free, mineral free, and crude oil based product free. Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax will not degrade the thread, won’t bleed color, seals seams naturally with out harming any fabric!

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