“Things are not always what they seem!”
In my youthful days I used to think that in order to have good friends you must be one; If you put everything you have into an interview you would get the job, I mean “Who wouldn’t want to hire you!”; When you love deeply and honestly you will receive love back.
As years pass, I found these still to ring true, however, things are never what they seem. Reflect on your past and think…
You may have been crushing madly over someone, who is unworthy of your love, but the friend you told your troubles too, loved you unconditionally… love back
You were always there for a friend no matter what! They didn’t call or show up, unless they needed you…so YOU learned what it takes to be a good friend through their behavior… (bet you are still friends!)
You interviewed for a position in a big company or a job that you really wanted, but you did not get an offer. Imagine what your life would be like now if you had been offered that position. Totally different, and would it have changed who you are today?

Everything happens for a reason… The road you have travelled has led you to where you are supposed to be!