Funny, we have hobbies and activities that are supposed to calm and relax us… but then… we are trying to remove the canvas from our boat…or  remove the soft top from our jeep,  attach the canopy to our camper… or set up our tent… the zippers and snaps  stick,  screws won’t screw into the hard wood, your clay planter has a crack in it and it’s leaking…and we are stressed.. Well here is some very important information about stress that we posted on our Facebook page… we wanted you all to read this!  While Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax WILL keep your zippers and snaps running smooth, as well as 20 other things in your house, boat, camper, workshop, or office… handling stress in our lives sometimes requires more than, “The Bee!” Please read, and practice this every day! I know… I am a breast cancer survivor!
Stress… we all experience the effects in our lives we loose out tempers, high blood preasure, headaches…the causes… bosses putting unrealistic deadlines on the tables, children not performing well in academics, you are going to be late for a meeting again, traffic is at a dead stop and someone just cut you off, your car needs a new water pump and the washing machine is leaking…”Whew” Stress is a killer! The link between stress and breast cancer in women is so strong there is concideration in calling stress a “cause”! In men stress is linked to heart attack and stroke. We must find a way to minimize the “stress” in our lives… An exercise for today to minimize stress..
Breath deeply and steady through your nose, exhale with control through your mouth,,, do this 5 times and feel the difference… Take in the salt air…. blow out your birthday candles… Breathe!