Keeping buttons sewed on has been a problem that taunts us all! But not anymore! Bee’s knees Zipper Wax is the solution to that age old problem!

  1. make sure that the area you are sewing the button on is strong. If not place a piece of like colored fabric on the underside of the area. (When you start to sew make a wider stitch, not centered at the button holes or shank.)
  2. Choose your thread and drag it through Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax, double the thread in half and repeat. Do not over coat.
  3. Rub Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax “lightly on the back of the area where the button is being sewn.
  4. Sew from the back through to the front where possible. Some garments by nature of their construction, require a side to side stitch.
  5. For Shank buttons bring the needle and thread through the fabric and button shank 4-6 times then wrap the thread, (still attached to the needle), around the shank of the button 2-3 times , then stitch 1-2 more times finish and tie off. For bigger buttons , like for coats and sport jackets increase stitches as needed.
  6. For Buttons with holes; bring the needle and thread through the fabric, stitching equally and consistently through the same 2-4 holes. Do not criss cross your stitches unless all of the buttons are sewn in that manner. Each hole should have 2 stitches going up and through. Larger Buttons require more stitches. Do not wrap the thread around, between the button and fabric. To secure your button, sew through to the opposite side and make 2-3 quick anchor stitches.
  7. You have just made your button secure, with water resistant double strength thread!
  8. Rain Coats or Outerwear ESPECIALLY need to use Bee’s Knees Zipper Wax, not only does it secure buttons best, but also bee-cause it prevents wicking of moisture at the button site!